About us


True art is always there, where no one is expecting it,

Where no one thinks about it, nor does anybody pronounce its name.

Art hates being recognized

And hailed by its name.

Jean Dubuffet

About us

Ultrablu springs from the belief that, in art and culture, neurodiversity is a special asset of the human being, allowing to share beauty and new, enriching ideas.

Artists with Pervasive Developmental Disorders have a stunning capability of aesthetic synthesis: they see an object, an image they are interested in and they enter in relation with it in a natural, direct way. They do not ask themselves about the efficacy or validity of the achieved synthesis- luckily judgement is of no importance to them.

The natural way such artists create art works “without being conditioned” let them look like great artists. Indeed, the works where such a synthesis is present stem from loneliness and authentic creative impulse, totally free from concerns usually linked to competition or social communication. This is the reason why at Ultrablu unique works are created that are inspirational for all of us

Our objective is to give the opportunity to find a job in the artistic, illustration or publishing sector to artists with Pervasive Developmental Disorder and/or neuropsychiatric  difficulties, helping them to become authors and earn their own living. Hence the idea of a place where people feel in shelter, protected against pressures, influences and negative conditioning. Indeed, Ultrablu has soon proved to be a factory of objects, thoughts, colours and above all of confrontation, learning opportunities  and hopes.

Apart from being a participated project, Ultrablu is open to social issues, tackling in a smart and active way one of the current priorities, i.e. inclusion. 

Acknowledging that neurodiversity- especially in art- can mean everything and nothing at the same time, since every single artist has his/her own “neurological dimension”,  is a still too common evidence.

For this reason the inclusive characteristic of the so-called “Blue Lab” allows neurotypical and PDD artists to share art experiences, freely interacting inside and outside a place where there is no standard definition  of normality and of art expression. A place built around a developing community, open to any contribution, to shared knowledge, to the exchange of practices and to exploration.

By means of workshops, art lessons  and other kinds of meetings, participants learn to create and express themselves without fear of being judged. We believe this is essential since we feel that a free practice is the only requirement to allow art to show its essence and thereby to share technical knowledge to create art, both in the artist and in the work of art.

In this context, to achieve new artistic and working competencies will be useful to allow our artists to continue on their own way and to develop in art as well as to conceive strategic approaches that may lead to involvement and emancipation.

Prof. Virgilio Mollicone



When the word fades out

As a sound,

It turns into image