Valerio was born on 7th July 1998 in Rome. Since he was a child he started drawing and with age his interest in art increased leading him to choose to expand his knowledge by attending the Liceo Artistico Ripetta in Rome and specializing in figurative art. Here he showed a passion for experimenting many new different techniques, using multifarious materials and supports for his works, ranging from analogical photography to monotype, from charcoal to metals. When he was at school he started studying art history and philosophy and, since then, the latter has been an inspiration source. Since 2017 he has been studying "Fine Arts and Art History", at the Plymouth University in Plymouth.

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​"Cura materies" is a book published in 2017 resulting from the contact with the chalcographic ink. The observation of shadows in any place in my mind is pivotal in this book. However, the way such shadows emerge with the light is even more important, permeating them and allowing them to be visible. There are no faces, images blur as if they were in a dream, they do not remain clear but leave the taste of the atmosphere of every single scene and the character of any silhouette. It is possible to plunge in the different nature of every image by reading some recurring symbols, such as water, wind, the desolation of certain places and the conflicting chaos of others - all being specific symbols in my mind often arousing anxiety. However, the key to read the book is the relation of each shadow with the figure producing it. The title is made up of two Latin words encompassing the relation I have with this dense substance and the effect it produces in me while printing.

"Cura" refers to a healing process, to a treatment, but it is also translated as love object or anxiety source. “Materies” refers to the ink itself that, apart from being a substance, becomes nourishment, a starting point whence a hidden character emerges. The ink allows me to let atmospheres always hidden inside me emerge from the depth in a natural way. Therefore, the two Latin words explain the symbiosis which allows such a stuff, such an origin to let my nature and my anxiety emerge. At the same time, however,  the images I create are love objects since the scenes refer to personal memories and affections. Such a healing process starts anytime I put some ink on the plate and I immerse myself in the black of the chalcographic  printing. From that moment on, until the proof press stops rotating, I manage to start a true  dialogue with what is in my mind. I start the dialogue again after cleaning the plate and putting ink again on it, in a process that can only grow and feed itself.

My relationship with Ultrablu started in Rome in 2017. However, the origin of my experimental research dates back to 2014 when I met Virgilio Mollicone, teacher at the Liceo artistico Ripetta. He has accompanied the experimental attempts that I was making in that period, allowing them to grow up and feeding them with elements that fostered maturation of my critical skills, being always ready to start a dialogue with different realities. Ultrablu welcomes, feeds and fosters any kind of experiment, allowing contacts with different people and creating a turmoil of ideas and images, dialogues and jokes. The exchange of technical knowledge and of practical experiences makes Ultrablu a project participants can experience day by day through any sign that is produced, from the simplest and smartest one to the most complex one.

Always in contact with artists able to look at the works of other artists in a critical way, though continuing along their personal paths, without thinking about sales and about the judgement of those who will observe their works. Ultrablu focuses on the true idea of a work of art and its step by step maturation. David Lynch once said that ideas are the most beautiful things that can happen to you, you just have to keep your eyes open. Ultrablu is the perfect example of an inspirational  idea that was formed and developed.



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