"The 'one of a kind' value of the 'genuine' work of art has its underpinnings in the ritual in which it had its original, initial utility value"

Walter Benjamin

Citation: Benjamin, Walter. "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction", 1936.

  All the artworks created at Ultrablu have a common reference to a cult practice. Inside the blue studio all the images are evoked by spontaneous thoughts, as if coming from afar. By absorbing and making these thoughts one’s own, each artist creates a personal imaginary that characterizes his/her work in a unique way. It is not only a particular kind of sign or colour palette useful to the creation of the artwork. More generally, it is something deeply linked to the artist’s soul, standing out in every single work he/she creates. Sharing these deeply different imaginaries leads to a sortof symbiosis that lets the internal organism of Ultrablu grow.

Therefore, it is only inside the studio that all the artworks get their own "here and now […], their unique existence in the place where they are at that moment." Their authenticity is not only given by their physical existence but also by the place where they are physically located and which has favoured their birth, the Ultrablu atelier.

It is thanks to this ritual process that the artworks of Ultrablu become alive even before being actually created and will continue to have a life after their birth, thus generating a really particular tradition inside the atelier.

In 1936, in one of his most remarkable book, Walter Benjamin said that the uniqueness of the work of art is identified with its integration in the context of tradition. This tradition is undoubtedly something alive, something extraordinary changeable and his words highlight indeed how much the framework of tradition can change. It is also the change that takes place, for instance, once the artworks created inside Ultrablu reach places far away from their “here and now” through our fine art prints.

Therefore, we are not interested in delivering our fine art reproductions based on an ordinary commercial transaction. We aim at conveying the unique process of their creation, of “their unique existence in the place where they are at the moment”, through the colours, shapes, words and sounds that have made their birth possible. We want to convey their history and the emotions behind them, thus putting in your hands a thread that will bind you straight to the artist, creating a connection through the image you are purchasing.

These are faithful and very accurate reproductions of the artworks created at Ultrablu atelier and thanks to the very high quality of the prints, it will be like having the original in your hands.

Below you will find all the artworks on sale, printed on 200g fine art paper in excellent quality. They will be available for purchase in our atelier in Rome or nearby, through exhibitions that will be advertised each time on this same site in advance or in the London's Saatchi Gallery website that will sand them directly in your house, www.saatchiart.com.

Valerio Angiolillo

Citations: Benjamin, Walter. "The Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction", 1936.



 - I am scared by you, your skin is covered in mud, white mud; your gestures are monstrous… who are you?

 - I am Asaro, I live your same world, but if you do not recognize my gestures, you might have to learn something about yourself.

 - What kind of gesture?

 - The natural gesture that comes from the depths of your soul; the dance of the light inside you that lets your own world become alive. Listen to your feelings; listen to this light and all the world around you will have the shape of your own matter. If you do it, you will hardly consider those judging your deepest instinctive movements, as you are just doing with mine. My world lives in these instinctive movements, regardless of any external judgment.

Valerio Angiolillo



Look at your eyes… They have such a particular depth

The nature all around me seems to have this same intensity and the gold that covers my skin seems shining, although not as much as the gold inside your eyes. Their depth reveals itself as the centre of the universe and your deepest nature. 

Prussia, you may have come out by an error, but this has disclosed the integrity of your soul…a circle with a dot at its centre.

Valerio Angiolillo


You should play notes that make the world around you a mirror of what you have inside. The light and shadow that your soul keeps inside have to come out. If this happens, then you will see the same light shapes and the same shadows in the world around you.

Valerio Angiolillo

Dimmed prince

Do not let the instinct and the light inside you stiffen. Do not let the world get dark inside you. Do not put your feet on what has gold in their eyes, because  if you do that you will never have the ability to have it in yours. 

Valerio Angiolillo