Considering the limits as opportunities to change the point of view when approaching a disorder of the autistic spectrum. This is the objective of the workshop "Autism : a future in art. When talent outstrips disability", fostered by Ms Paola Binetti, Member of Parliament and pediatric neuropsychiatrist, on15th January 2018 from 2.30 p.m. in the Sala della Regina, at the Deputies Chamber in Piazza Montecitorio in Rome.

"The difficulties that people affected by autism experience in communicating and that we consider as their characteristics belong to that conformism that make us all seem alike. In this workshop, continues Ms Binetti, we aim at giving value to all kinds of behavior of the autistic subject starting from the artistic experience that is for everybody a moment of top freedom and originality. Moreover, the workshop will focus on what kind of creativity autistic people have and how we can talk about it. Their Art world is free from influences being able to choose how they want to express their emotions. Widening the horizon we discover unexpected ways of expression”.

National and international experts are participating in the workshop, in particular Dr. Francois Ansernet, psychiatrist, psychoanalyst and professor at the University of Geneva and Losanna. "He has been working on this subject for years –continues Ms Binetti- and he has collected a valuable documentation on the creativity of autistic people. He will deliver a presentation on "Recognizing and developing talent in diversity ". Further presentations will be delivered by Roberto Boccalon, head of the Institute for Expressive Psychotherapy and professor of Psychology at the Salesian University Institute in Venice, Magda di Rienzo, responsible for the therapy service and head of the Specialization School for Orthophonology, Rosaria Ferrara, researcher at the University of Losanna and President of the OISMA Association, Monica Nicoletti, researcher of Forensic Medicine at the University La Sapienza in Rome, Virgilio Mollicone, creator and co-founder of the Art Laboratory "UltraBlu", and Serafino Ricci, professor of Forensic Occupational Medicine at La Sapienza University in Rome. During the workshop the works of autistic artists of the UltraBlu Laboratory will be on display. To take part in the workshop it is necessary to obtain credentials by 12 January through the following e-mail address: It is mandatory to show an ID document at the entrance. Dress code: men in jacket.

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