Workshop on Underground Comics

A workshop addressed to all those who want to start drawing comics.

Characters, plots, scripts, setting, comic strips and inking- an ad hoc experience addressed to those who wish to get acquainted with underground comics and create comic strips.

Comics have peculiar characteristics, such as the capability to win the attention of readers of any age, evoking real and fantastic scenarios. It is a universal visual language that follows simple and intuitive rules, allowing communication even among different cultures and languages.

Moreover, comics are a far-reaching form of communication. The training workshop aims at providing basic and essential information to start creating comics and some tips to transform ideas and experiences in a storyboard.

Through theory and practice, the experiences of some renowned underground comics creators will be analyzed representing a breaking point and a point of no return and leaving an indelible mark in the evolution of comics, drawing, narrative and composition codes.

Giacomo Calderoni is a very young creator of underground comics in Rome at his first experience as a teacher. He is the author of 2 comics that will be published soon by UltrabluPublishing. He earned a Honorable Mention at the first Biennale d’Arte dei Licei Artistici with his comics Shelter.

The workshop will take place at Ultrablu atelier, a place where it is possible to meet people, foster relations, and observe - a special place where it is possible to express oneself with no fear of being judged, since only through free expression it is possible to show our potential and our true way of being.

The workshop aims at providing tools and tips to start creating comics, transforming ideas and experiences in a storyboard.

Join us!

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