T-shirts  and Bags


Thanks to the web site Spreadshirt.it  we are able to satisfy the demand of those who appreciate and share our multifarious art forms all over the world.

In our on line shop you may personalize T-shirts for kids and adults, shopping bags and other items, choosing among a wide range of patterns, sizes, colours and  models.


Apart from the online shop, our artists produce and print items in our atelier with the refined techniques of serigraphy and chalcography. These are all one-of-a-kind items and are sold directly to those who come and visit us in our atelier or in various fairs, events and exhibitions we participate in.

One of our priorities is overcoming limits – i.e. body, cultural and/or mental limits.

Ultrablu is a self-financing association, all T-shirts and shopping bags with the “outsiderdesign” label are made by our outsider artists, extraordinarily talented artists with Pervasive Developmental Disorder.


One of our objectives is to give a job in the future to them in the art, illustration and publishing sector, therefore helping them to become authors and earn their own living. And, together with them, to all the artists that interact in this place that does not fit the common standards.


The drawings we propose trigger identification, they are an invitation to play with our bodies, with fantastic plots and characters, each one with its own story to be told.


A game that stimulates imagination!