Ultrablu. In Rome a place for art, culture and work

February 11, 2018

An article about Ultrablu published in DIRE

A mum and an art teacher  are gathering together autistic and neurotypical artists

 (DIRE- weekly Psychology news bulletin) Rome, 5 Sept. “Autistic people talented in art are far faster than neurotypical artists, because they are amazingly skillful at producing straightforward syntheses . They see an object, an image they are interested in and they enter in relation with it in a natural, direct way. They do not ask themselves about the efficacy of the object or the validity of the achieved synthesis- luckily judgement is of no importance to them.  Such works spring from loneliness and authentic creative impulse, totally free from concerns usually linked to competition or social communication. This is the reason why at Ultrablu unique works are created that are inspirational for all of us. The natural way such artists create art works “without being conditioned” let them look like great artists.” This is Virgilio Mollicone, art teacher at the Liceo Artistico Statale Ripetta, describing the challenging project he has started with Monica Nicoletti, the mother of Simone, a 20-year-old  autistic boy. Together they founded Ultrablu in Rome, Viale Germanico 103, a place that aims at becoming a multifarious space: cultural association, a